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Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

A Brief Guide To The Alphabet Soup Of Government Contracting

Government Contracting Acronyms and Abbreviations
Government Speak English Translation
   ACO    Administrative/authorized Contracting Officer
   AFOSR    Air Force Office of Scientific Research
   AF    Air Force
   AFRL    Air Force Research Laboratory
   ANNLY    Annually
   ARL    Army Research Laboratory
   ASREQ    As Required
   ATP    Advanced Technology Program
   BAA    Broad Agency Announcement
   BMDO    Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
   B&P    Bids and Proposals
   CBD    Commerce Business Daily
   CDRL    Contract Data Requirements List
   CFSR    Contract Funds Status Report
   CO    Contracting Officer
   COTR    Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
   CPFF    Cost Plus Fixed Fee
   C/SSR    Cost/Schedule Status Report
   CTM    Contract Technical Monitor
   DAC    Days After Contract Award
   DARPA    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
   DID    Data Item Description
   DO    Delivery Order
   DOC    Dept. of Commerce (note big O)
   DoD    Dept. of Defense (note little O)
   DOE    Dept. of Energy (note big O)
   DSO    Defense Sciences Office (DARPA)
   EOC    End of Contract
   EPA    Environmental Protection Agency
   ETO    Electronics Technology Office (DARPA)
   FFP    Firm Fixed Price
   FR    Final Report
   G-2    Intelligence Information (in military jargon)
   LOE    Level of Effort
   LT    Letter of Transmittal
   MAC    Months After Contract Award
   MOTHLY    Monthly
   MT    ManTech (Manufacturing Technology)
   NASA    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
   NIH    National Institutes of Health
   NIST    National Institute of Standards and Technology (DOC)
   NRL    Naval Research Laboratory
   NSF    National Science Foundation
   OTIME    One Time
   ONE/R    One with Revision
   ONR    Office of Naval Research
   PI    Principal Investigator
   PM    Program Manager
   PRDA    Program Research & Development Announcement
   QTRLY    Quarterly
   SBIR    Small Business Innovation Research
   SEMI    Every Six Months
   STTR    Small Business Technology Transfer
   TM    Technical Monitor
   TO    Task Order


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