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Proposal Outline Guide

How To Identify The Significance Of Your Concept

The Proposal Outline

Proposals need to be outlined and circulated for internal review before starting to write.

A synopsis of the intended content may be formally documented (e.g.; typed on bonded paper) or informally documented (e.g.; jotted on a napkin). The medium is not important; but for proper review, your outline should be noted in some form of hard copy and circulated for internal review and comment.

Part I. The Work Plan (Scientific and Technical Merit):

Value to the Agency


Statement of Work:

Scope (Opportunity, Technical Background)

Technical Objectives and Goals

Approach (Including Use of GFE, Consultants/Subcontracts, etc.)

Work Breakdown Structure (Task/Milestone Outline)

Deliverables (Associate with WBS Tasks)

Schedule (By Month from Projected Award Date)

Part II. The Management Plan (Capabilities, Qualifications, Resources):

PI/Key People (Qualifications, Availability)

Subcontracts/Consultants (Qualifications, Availability, Deliverables, Reporting)

Data Rights/Proprietary Information (Identify)

Contractor Furnished Equipment (Unique Resources, Availability)

Government Furnished Equipment (Access to Resources, Availability)

Reporting (CDRL Requirements/Frequency)

Part III. The Commercialization Plan (Commercial Potential):

Phase III Strategy (Identify Market Sectors, Potential Customers, Penetration Plans, etc.)

Contingent Purchase Orders/Licensing Agreements (List of Specific Potential Customers)

Corporate Commitments (IR&D, Capital Equipment, etc.)

Part IV. The Cost Plan (Appropriateness of Budget):

Contract Type (CPFF, FP, Grant, etc.)

Labor Matrix (WBS vs. Person)

Purchased Parts (WBS, Description, Cost, Justification)

Subcontracted Items (WBS, Description, Cost, Justification)

Consultants (WBS, Description, Cost, Justification)

Miscellaneous (WBS, Description, Cost, Justification)

Travel (WBS, Days/Person, Persons, Car(s), Destination)

Special Certifications, Representations and/or Contractual Issues


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