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Proposal Schedule

Managing The Development Process

Proposal Schedule

Many potentially winning proposals fall victim to the inevitable crunch of time. On the last day, well-deserved nervous breakdowns and wild rides to the Fed-Ex office that would do Mr. Toad proud are legendary. When you are up against the deadline, the idea of a "quality edit" is little more than a fanciful fantasy. Moreover, once the proposal leaves your hands, things can happen. Packages can get routed to the wrong location; the driver can fail to make delivery by the stipulated time; weather can close an airport and /or ground delivery trucks. There's nothing quite like the feeling associated with having a critical proposal disqualified, because some freakish circumstance prevented it from being delivered on time.

The best advice is to submit at least two business days in advance. If for some reason, the first package does not arrive; there is time for a second to be sent. Backing up from there, it is possible to generate a timeline like the one shown below. Notice that the proposal is developed "inside-out." That is, the work breakdown schedule and cost proposal are completed before the bulk of the writing is begun. There is good reason for this. Experience has shown that until the story line, the technical objectives, and the costing are self-consistent, the writing process is terribly inefficient. On the other hand, once everything holds together, the proposal almost writes itself. If you haven't developed a proposal like this before; give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Proposal Schedule

Proposal Overview

Proposal Number: ______________________

Due Date: ____________________________

Ship Date1: ___________________________

Agency/Opportunity: ____________________

Topic Number: ________________________

Proposal Title: ______________________________________________________________________

Proposal Leader: ________________________________

Principal Investigator: _____________________________

Proposal Team: _____________________________________________________________________

First Development Phase

Story Line Verbally Briefed to _________________________ by: ____________________

WBS Outline and Milestones to ________________________ by: ____________________

WBS, Schedule and Costing Data to ____________________ by: ____________________

Technical Objectives to ______________________________ by: ____________________

Second Development Phase

Draft Technical Proposal to Proposal Team by: ______________________

Abstract and Commercial Potential (Form B) to ______________________ by: ____________________

Technical Reviews back to Proposal Leader by: ______________________

Technical Proposal Ready for Publishing by: _________________________


* Lead time is a minimum of two business days prior to due date, unless otherwise exempted.


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