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B&P Authorization Form

Controlling The Proposal Selection Process

Proposal Authorization Form

The development of a proposal, especially from scratch, is an expensive proposition in terms of time, money, opportunity cost and emotional energy. It is incumbent upon senior management to control the selection and submission of proposals. In companies experienced in contract research, it is not uncommon to assign a project number and budget to each approved proposal activity, the key word being approved. The form below has evolved over long experience into a useful tool for managing the proposal selection process.

Typically, the proposal manager fills out the form and submits it for management review. Often, this review culminates in an oral defense of the proposed opportunity. If approved, the cognizant manager(s) sign and date the form. The proposal manager then takes the signed form to the Finance Department for assignment of a B&P (bids and proposal) number and a budget.


(Use Addition Sheets as Needed)

Proposal Overview

Proposal Leader ____________________________________________________  Request Date __________

Opportunity __________________________________________________________  Due Date __________

Proposal Title __________________________________________________________  Amount __________

How many other proposals is the Proposal Leader responsible for in this time frame? ______________________

How much will it cost to prepare a "winning" proposal? ____________________________________________

Who will need to be involved? _______________________________________________________________

Management Plan

Who will be the PI? _______________________________________________________________________

Who will be designated Key Personnel? ________________________________________________________

Who will be designated Other Senior Staff? _____________________________________________________

Will subcontracts/consultants be used? _________  If so, who? ______________________________________


Agency Synergism

Have you talked to the TM? __________  What was the reaction? ___________________________________

What need/mission is being addressed? ________________________________________________________

What are the competing technologies? _________________________________________________________

What is our technology advantage?   __________________________________________________________

What firms are likely to respond?_____________________________________________________________

What is our competitive advantage?  __________________________________________________________

Has this proposal been submitted before? __________  If so, to whom? _______________________________


Technology Synergism

What is the goal of the proposed effort?

What are the main technical risks involved (rate each from 1-5, with 5 being the highest):

  1. Risk 1. _________________________________________________________________________
  2. Risk 2. _________________________________________________________________________
  3. Risk 3. _________________________________________________________________________
  4. Risk 4. _________________________________________________________________________

What is the proposed innovation/solution to each risk:

  1. Innovation 1.  ____________________________________________________________________
  2. Innovation 2.  ____________________________________________________________________
  3. Innovation 3.  ____________________________________________________________________
  4. Innovation 4.  ____________________________________________________________________

List the titles of the main tasks associated with each solution:

  1. Task 1. ________________________________________________________________________
  2. Task 2. ________________________________________________________________________
  3. Task 3. ________________________________________________________________________
  4. Task 4. ________________________________________________________________________

What is the milestone associated with each task:

  1. Milestone 1. _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Milestone 2. _____________________________________________________________________
  3. Milestone 3. _____________________________________________________________________
  4. Milestone 4. _____________________________________________________________________

What is the proposed deliverable? ____________________________________________________________

Does this activity offset any product development activities? __________  If yes, which one(s)? ______________

What core competency/capability will be created/advanced?  ________________________________________

In short, what is the advantage to the firm?   _____________________________________________________




Business Synergism

What is the perceived product? ______________________________________________________________

If the program is successful, will additional development will still be needed? __________  If yes, what? ________

How much additional time and money will be required? _____________________________________________

What is the perceived market? _______________________________________________________________

What market sector will be targeted for penetration? _______________________________________________

Who are our customers? ____________________________________________________________________

What is our manufacturing/production plan? ______________________________________________________

What is our financing plan? __________________________________________________________________

What any new business relationships will be developed in the course of this work? __________

     If yes, who? ___________________________________________________________________________

Who will be our commercialization partners? _____________________________________________________

Will a successful project be sufficient to attract outside money? __________

     If no, what further development will be required? _______________________________________________

What is the opportunity cost to the firm? ________________________________________________________

In short, how is this endeavor in line with the firm's business goals? _____________________________________




Estimated Proposal cost

Who is needed to produce this proposal?________________________________________________________

How many hours of each person is required? _____________________________________________________

Are consultants needed? If so, what is the projected cost? ___________________________________________

What other direct costs (e.g., graphics, publication, postage) are involved? _______________________________

What is the total estimated cost of preparing this proposal (in B&P dollars)? ______________________________

What indirect support is needed (e.g., administrative, financial, graphics)? ________________________________



     ______________  ____________
               initial                     date

     ______________  ____________
               initial                     date

     ______________  ____________
               initial                     date


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