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A First-Time Proposer's Testimonial

Why Professional Help Is Essential For A Novice

The Bid/No-Bid Process

"Your accessibility at the early stages of our proposal allowed us to focus the project in a way which we had not explored."

LIFT Associates can significantly increase your chances of winning by teaching you how to be more discriminating in your selection of proposal opportunities. We can show you how to implement highly effective strategies for protecting your limited proposal budget.

Proposal Preparation

"The team and I all agree that we could not have done it without you help. Your knowledge of SBIR's was impressive!"

LIFT Associates will you work through the entire proposal, outline section by section, to help you understand what the reviewers are looking for in each part. We can help unleash your creative talents by showing you how to dig deep for compelling answers and present them persuasively.

The Story Line

"The team respected your ability to quickly learn our technology and use your skills and experience to open our eyes to important issues."

LIFT Associates can teach you how to distill the essence of your innovation and showcase it for maximum impact. The failure to effectively communicate the proposed innovation and its larger contextual significance is the number-one reason why proposals are rejected, all else being equal.

The Work Plan

"In only a short time, we managed to take an idea considered 'visionary' into a research and work plan which could realistically be implemented."

LIFT Associates can help you identify appropriate deliverables, set achievable milestones, and establish a realistic level of effort. Your technical proposal needs to be pragmatic as well as visionary. It must reflect an ability to manage government contract research.

The Commercialization Plan

"Your efforts are greatly appreciated and are expected to yield remarkable short- and long-term returns."

LIFT Associates can help you frame and present the kind of business plan that wins proposals. It is very difficult to win an SBIR proposal without a solid commercialization plan. A letter of interest from another firm will not cut it. You must think like an investor, not a technologist, when you address this issue.

The "Red-Team" Review

"Your review of the final draft was thorough and put a honed edge on a critical proposal and business plan."

LIFT Associates can provide thorough, critical reviews of draft and final proposals. Some of the many factors we consider are appearance, grammar, word choice, figures, balance, fatal deficiencies, faux pas, and overall impact. Writing a proposal is an expensive proposition. Protect your investment.

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