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A Veteran Proposer's Testimonial

Why LIFT Associates Is A Cost-Effective Choice

"Jim's extensive government contacts and long history of successful proposal writing enables him to offer a cost-effective solution for any small company writing SBIR or U.S. Government research proposals. Gemfire was very pleased with the proposals that Jim supported, and the success rate was far higher than the statistical average."

Qualifying New Opportunities

"Much of the work in winning a proposal evolves around hands-on-contact with the client. For many successful proposals, Jim independently managed and facilitated this important part of the sales process."

"Initially trained as a physicist, Jim has excellent technical judgment. Jim has provided an outstanding resource for vetting proposal concepts before the decision has been made to formally write a full-up proposal."

LIFT Associates can teach you how to get to know the agency you are targeting and, more importantly, the technical monitor who will be reviewing your proposal. There is no substitute for knowing the customer. Many excellent proposals should never have been written; simply because they were the wrong match for the given agency at that particular time.

Mentoring Technical Staff

"Not only can Jim write clear and concise proposals, he can successfully mentor junior staff to develop the expertise necessary to write a successful proposal. Jim's proven ability to guide the proposal process, even in technical areas where he is not the expert, gave Gemfire a much higher proposal success rate than we could have achieved on our own."

LIFT Associates can help you harness the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of the more junior members of your technical staff. Getting the biggest "bang for the buck" possible from your proposal development budget involves more than just making wise decisions about what opportunities to respond to. It also means optimally utilizing the resources at your disposal, which in many cases means freeing up senior technologists to do what they do best.

Professional Resource

"Jim is an expert in writing white-papers and pre-proposal summaries. He has an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the issues and to summarize the solutions in clear and concise prose."

"Even though I am an experienced and successful proposal writer, I learned from Jim new strategies and techniques on structuring a proposal and writing a work statement that results in a winning proposal."

"Jim Stanley has a unique ability to quickly understand the fundamental problem the customer is addressing, and then write a clear and concise work statement that addresses the issues."

LIFT Associates also serves as a professional resource for some of the more specialized activities associated with proposal development. In addition to the ones mentioned above, services include providing "red-team" reviews of drafts, reviewing the cost proposal for realism, negotiating new contracts, and providing post-award management guidance.

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Vice President, Advanced Technology     
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